Ian Ritchie: Laurea Magistrale ad honorem from Politecnico di Milano

His recent projects include the new Royal Academy of Music spaces

Ian Ritchie has been awarded a Laurea Magistrale ad honorem in Building and Architectural Engineering by Politecnico di Milano.

After a welcome from Prorector Emilio Faroldi and an address from Professor Marco Imperadori of the Department of architecture, built environment and construction engineering, Ian Ritchie gave a lecture entitled "Light, shadow and non-linear beauty."

Professor Ilaria Valente, Dean of School of Architecture Urban Planning and Construction Engineering, said the awarding of the honorary degree was based on Ritchie’s:

"Exemplary multidisciplinary ability to promote a measured, innovative and original architecture, balanced between cultural, social and technical values".

Ritchie’s work interprets the integration of disciplines and practices in architecture and engineering, through a successful synthesis of the technical, artistic and humanistic founding components of the Politecnico culture.”