International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2000 with resolution 54/134, Politecnico di Milano renews its commitment to prevent and stop gender-based violence through a new initiative for all women belonging to its community.

Starting November 25th, register for a free course of 5 self-defense lessons at the Giuriati Sports Center, with beginning January 2022.
If you are a student or a PhD candidate, register here.
If you are a professor, researcher, post-doc, or technical-administrative staff, sign up here.
For more information, please contact equalopportunities(at)polimi.it.

Furthermore, on Friday November 26th, Politecnico’s Guarantee Committee - CUG will present the activities of Casa di Accoglienza delle Donne Maltrattate di Milano - CADMI and reflect together on the theme of gender-based violence through two readings: a passage from the volume “L'amore che non è” by Gianpaolo Trevisi (in Italian) and Reyhaneh Jabbar's letter to her mother (in English). The flyer of the initiative is available here. The event will be held at 1 pm, until 3 pm, at the Red Bench in Piazza Leonardo da Vinci.

If you are experiencing a gender-based abuse, please remember that within our University a Confidential Counsellor (consiglioeradifiducia(at)polimi.it) and a dedicated email for female students and PhD candidates (stalkingsos(at)polimi.it) are always available for reporting of cases of gender-based violence, stalking and mobbing.

And remember: the national helpline to contact in case of violence and stalking is 1522.

For further insight, we also invite you to retrace RESPECT, the training and awareness event organized by Politecnico di Milano with the collaboration of experts in the sector, and the touching performance of our students’ association Teatro delle Biglie.

Cover image: UN Women