Agreement signed with ASPI

Politecnico di Milano and Autostrade per l’Italia together for digital new generation motorways

The new agreement between Politecnico di Milano and Autostrade per l’Italia, already formally defined in December, was signed on 13 January.

The agreement schedules investments in research and development, with a particular focus on staff training, but also on the design and development of the company’s strategic projects, such as Smart Mobility and Smart Roads, and on extending the life cycle of the works.

The launch of the three-year collaboration with Politecnico, which constantly invests in teaching quality and innovation and experimental research, marks another crucial step forward in the implementation of ASPI’s transformation plan.

Our university will in fact work closely with the ASPI group companies to develop digital transformation projects related to tracking of traffic flows and to rapid payment systems, cybersecurity, monitoring and predictive maintenance of infrastructure works and the use of artificial intelligence in the field of design. Our scientific skills will also be used in ASPI’s green projects, from motorway electric vehicle charge platforms to the implementation of renewable energy.

The agreement also includes plans for high-level academic training for workers of the ASPI Group, but also for our students, involved on the field in the operational development of the company’s strategic activities. The company, as part of its plan to recruit over 2,400 new resources within the next three years, will also focus its selection on Politecnico di Milano graduates. Company presentation events will also be organised by way of contests, games, and competitions for ideas, in the perspective of employer branding. ASPI will contribute to developing the training path for Politecnico students by promoting internships for the completion of degree courses, investing in graduate curricular training and in specialising masters and in providing scholarships or degree awards.

Finally, the agreement envisages collaboration on the technical-scientific level to participate jointly in national and international research calls.

The agreement will enhance skills, knowledge and development thanks to the collaboration between a company that is working towards becoming a fully-fledged integrated mobility operator at national and international level, and a centre of excellence in training and research on the Italian and European front.