ERC Proof of Concept grants for two Polimi projects

SPECTROKIN and INSTANT will receive funding from the European Research Council

The European Research Council (ERC) has selected 55 researchers as part of the third phase of the 2020 ERC Proof of Concept (PoC) grants. Each will receive funding, in the amount of EUR 150,000, to explore the commercial and social potential of their research work. The funds may be invested to detect business opportunities, prepare patent applications, and develop applications of their research results, to the benefit of industry and society.

The number of projects financed in 2020, through this call, by the ERC PoC grants has increased to 166, for a total investment of EUR 25 million.

The projects selected include two by the Politecnico di Milano:

SPECTROKIN Operando-Spectroscopy Annular Reactor for Spectro-kinetic Analysis in Heterogeneous Catalysis (GA 966758): a project, whose Principal Investigator is prof. Matteo Maestri of the Energy Department, looks at the Operando-Raman annular reactor’s technical and commercial feasibility and its integration with other spectroscopic characterisation techniques. This innovative tool for studying catalysis reactions - the prototype of which was developed and optimised as part of the ERC SHAPE project (GA 677423) - provides detailed local information on the reactor’s catalytic material behaviour, under strict kinetic control and near-isothermal operating conditions of up to 800 °C.

INSTANT effIcieNt Small scale uniT for distributed heAt and hydrogeN generation (GA 966725): a project, whose Principal Investigator is prof. Enrico Tronconi of the Energy Department, aims to develop and demonstrate a compact unit to produce hydrogen, which can be used in small-scale distributed applications such as the cogeneration of heat and electricity for domestic residential use, or refuelling of hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles. Sustainable on-site and on-demand hydrogen generation will reduce or eliminate the transport and storage costs associated with traditional production technologies, improving their energy efficiency and carbon footprint. This PoC stems from the ERC INTENT project (GA 694910).

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