14.12.2017 10:07

MOVECARE: an interactive assistance-for-the-elderly project

The Horizon 2020 MOVECARE project, in which Politecnico di Milano is a partner, makes use of modern ICT technologies to take on ageing related problems with the goal of staving off physical and cognitive decline in the elderly in order to enable these to live an independent life for as long as possible in their own homes.

The MOVECARE platform integrates three main functions: transparent psycho-physical condition monitoring, assistance to the elderly in carrying out everyday activities and a series of physical and cognitive activities to be done alone or with others within a virtual space, in order to combat loneliness and promote socialisation.

Various elements make these functions possible: a service robot acting as virtual care worker, a network of environmental sensors to monitor lifestyles combined with intelligent objects and a network of microphones distributed in such a way as to detect calls for help. Lastly the MOVECARE platform integrates a virtual activity centre within which the elderly can source a series of games and exercises to do in accordance with their own interests within a virtual peer community whilst interacting by means of audio and video.

MOVECARE - Multiple-Actors Virtual Empathic Caregiver for the Elder

Manager in charge: Simona Ferrante
Website: http://www.movecare-project.eu/