6.12.2017 16:37


Gao Changyue and Guo Jiani, the first one recently graduated from Politecnico and the second one student, were awarded yesterday the ADI Young Start-Up Award thanks to their project Tritone, under the supervision of Prof. Marinella Ferrara.

Everyone is familiar with the Premio Compasso D’Oro (Golden Compass Award), the most prestigious design award in the world, which since 1954 has lent visibility to great names of national designers and to industrial cult objects.

In 2014, ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale: Industrial Design Association) launched the International Compasso D’Oro, which is held every two years and targets international companies and designers. Each edition parades a specific theme, which for 2017 was sport and the projects capable of improving its enjoyment.

Besides the International Compasso D’Oro categories, the ADI Young Start-Up Award has been created to support young designers’ ideas. Gao Changyue and Guo Jiani’s project was judged to be the best and the most credible one in this field and resulted in the two students earning a contribution of EUR 20.000 to launch their start-up.

But what is Tritone? It is a device encompassing two functions truly useful for an athlete. First of all, a heartbeat detector that monitors a swimmer’s physical condition and records his data with a view to assessing his performance trend. The aspect of a pleasant training, too, is satisfied by integrating a music player headphone rendering the time spent in a swimming pool less tedious and thus more productive.

All of that is gathered in a design of fine workmanship, a characteristic that the Compasso D’Oro is always keen to valorise, and which found full embodiment in the work of our two Product Design students.