Educational Flights for the "Flight Testing" Course Students

Some Aeronautical Engineering students applied their knowledge aboard real airplanes

Between the end of April and the second half of May, students of the Flight Testing course of the Master's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering participated in some educational flight activities with the aim of applying the knowledge acquired during their studies through a practical experience.

On April 29th, at Milan Bresso Airport, each student performed two flight missions on board four-seat airplanes Cessna 182 and Piper PA28, operated by Aero Club Milano, one of the oldest aero clubs in Italy, according to a planning agreed with the course teacher, prof. Lorenzo Trainelli. The flight program provided for a wide series of maneuvers, including some nonstandard ones, aimed to apply and strengthen the students’ Flight Mechanics knowledge.

This was a preparatory activity in view of the flight test campaign of the course, that represents a unique feature of the Politecnico di Milano educational offer. During the campaign, each student performed a test mission, designed by him/herself, accompanied by an instructor pilot. The campaign took place in collaboration with the flight school Club Astra at Mezzana Bigli airfield from 20 to 24 May, on board a properly instrumented two-seat G70 airplane designed and built by eng. Nando Groppo.

Also this year the activity ended successfully, thanks to the completion of all 31 planned missions and the acquisition of every related flight data.