Piazza Leonardo da Vinci features a new red bench

Placed in front of Politecnico di Milano, it symbolises the fight against violence towards women

A new red bench stands in front of Politecnico di Milano’s historical site in piazza Leonardo da Vinci. Its striking colour is impressive amidst the green and white hues of the square, a symbolic message of the fight against violence towards women.

The initiative is launched by our Guarantee Committee for equal opportunities, improved well-being of workers and prevention of discrimination, and by the Rector’s Delegate for Social Policies because we believe in the importance of strengthening the social and cultural awareness of our students and of the Polytechnic’s entire community regarding the theme of feminicide.

The inauguration will be attended by Prof. Fiammetta Carla Enrica Costa, President of the Guarantee Committee, by Prof. Gabriele Pasqui, Rector’s Delegate for Social Policies, and by representatives of the Milan Municipality and of the City Hall3.

In memory of all women who have suffered violence, during the ceremony we shall read the words of Malala Youfsafzai, activist from Pakistan and winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace, who is committed to defending civil rights and the right to education. We chose her to emphasise the role of education in the fight against violence towards women.