Switch2Product Innovation Challenge

New technology, innovative solution or business idea by the 30th of June

At the start Switch2Product - Innovation Challenge 2020,  the program that selects and promotes innovative solutions, new technologies, and business ideas by students and graduates from a maximum of three years, researchers, alumni, and teachers of the Politecnico di Milano, organized by PoliHub, the Innovation District & Startup Accelerator of the Politecnico di Milano managed by the Politecnico Foundation, the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of the Politecnico di Milano and Deloitte. There is time until the 30th of June to participate. By accessing Switch2Product, you can consolidate your idea, evaluate its technological and business impact, receive support on Intellectual Property management, enter into partnerships with Industrial Partners or develop a start-up.

This year the prize pool available by the Politecnico di Milano is 210,000 euros (S2P Prize Grant), with a prize of 60,000 euros for a project dedicated to fighting the emergency and impact from Covid-19 and the services provided through acceleration paths at PoliHub. This year the potential value of the total prize pool is around 1 million euros, enriched by the Special Grant and additional services (Special Program) made available by the initiative's partners.

In particular, Eni makes available the Special Program JOULE ENERGIZER and a Special Grant of 30,000 euros assigned to a maximum of 5 projects.

Giordano Dell’Amore Social Venture Foundation provides the Special Program Get it! Twice is a 30,000 euros Special Grant awarded to a maximum of 5 projects.

Among the partners also Bugnion who will select 4 projects from the winners who will receive a 2,000 euro voucher to purchase services in the field of Intellectual Property.

During S2P, additional rewards made available by Partners affiliated to the Initiative may be reported through the communication channels.

Submit your idea by the 30th of June at www.s2p.it