The new project to promote Italian design in Kuwait

SENSITALIANI is the new project to promote Italian design in Kuwait, following the collaboration between POLI.design and the Embassy of Italy in Kuwait.

During this path, we are going to illustrate the history and peculiarities of the Italian Design, as a multidisciplinary set of skills, creativity, research and entrepreneurship. The Scientific Director is Professor Anna Barbara.

From March to December 2021, a ten-month project, three months dedicated to courses for local students, eight open talk evenings and a six-day study tour in Italy for design students and industry professionals in Kuwait who desire to experience and delve into Italian design and culture.

We will promote three main activities dedicated to them: two cycles of lectures and online conferences on aspects of design that connect and interest both countries, then followed by a study trip to Italy.

"Italian senses" will be the guiding theme of the project - sight, but also hearing, smell, touch and taste would introduce the beauty of Italian culture, from art to design, to fashion, theater, cinema, cuisine, nature, sports and much more. Design is actually intended not only as a commercial vehicle for companies in the industry, but above all as a cultural engine to promote Italy and the "Country System" in its broadest sense: cultural, artistic, social, economic and educational.

The project will be concluded by a students’ award ceremony and the presentation of the final works, material, interviews, photographs and videos realized all along the project.