The 2019 Marra Prize for Gianluigi Iobizzi

Awarded for his thesis on developing an algorithm for gender equality

Gianluigi Iobizzi, a graduate of the Politecnico di Milano in Computer Science and Engineering, has won the Giovanni Marra 2019 degree award instituted by the City of Milan to promote university theses or research that develops the issue of social responsibility in the public or private sector. 

According to the committee’s statement, ‘Iobizzi’s thesis is aimed at developing a web platform to support companies in evaluating their performance in the protection of diversity and inclusion in an interactive, continuous, and participatory way … The thesis identifies and constructs an innovative instrument to measure and assess the degree of inclusion in companies through the inclusion impact index.’

The award is dedicated to the memory of the Milan City Council president, Giovanni Marra, who passed away before his time.