Polisocial Award 2021: recovery and equity

Opening of the call for projects funded through 5x1000

The new edition of the Polisocial Award is now underway and is dedicated to “Recovery and Equity”. The 2021 call, as the previous ones, is meant to support scientific research with a high social impact at the Politecnico di Milano and is financed with “5×1000 IRPEF” funds.

The health emergency, which we are still dealing with, has contributed in the last year to exacerbate social imbalances and marginality: promoting the capacity of all parts of society to recover is therefore a challenge that the world will have to manage in the coming years. Our University intends to make its contribution by activating the various polytechnic skills in an interdisciplinary dimension, in order to promote inclusion and cooperation in fragile contexts through the development and innovation of products, services and processes.

The contest aims to promote responsible and multidisciplinary research at Politecnico and an effective involvement of external stakeholders, as partners in society-oriented projects. Project proposals applying to the competition must adopt a fair and sustainable recovery perspective and may be oriented towards different areas of research and action, such as facilitating the access to facilities and goods, promoting alternative production and consumption patterns, reducing knowledge gaps and restoring social networks

Applicants must be part of the Politecnico di Milano staff as: professors and tenured researchers; temporary researchers; postdoc researchers. The team may include PhD students and technical-administrative staff, while also involving external partners of any kind.

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