PolimiRun Winter 2019

2,000 runners invaded Lecco’s historic city center for the second Politecnico di Milano Winter Run

The second PolimiRun Winter powered by adidas Terrex, the winter edition of the race organized by the Politecnico di Milano, was held on Sunday, November 17.

University students, employees and graduates took part in the event alongside friends, relatives and enthusiasts of the "Urban Trail" circuit, with as many as 2000 crossing the finish line - twice as many as those registered for the first edition .

Starting and ending at the Lecco Campus, the 10 km mixed route, which wound through the historical districts of Lecco and also through areas immersed in nature, was completely new compared to the previous year.

Within a few days of opening the registration process, 25,000 Euro were collected, and these funds - as for Adidas Runners PolimiRun Spring - will be put aside for the construction of a new Politecnico di Milano Architecture Campus. This project developed in cooperation with Renzo Piano aims to build new study and work spaces for the University’s students and for all the citizens of Milan.

The partnership with adidas Terrex was renewed for the second year running, offering athletes the chance to train with Sara Galimberti, the captain of the adidas Runners community. Discoradio, the official radio of PolimiRun Winter 2019, accompanied the sports event with lots of music and a rich entertainment program for athletes and the public alike.  The event was endorsed by several other sponsors, such as: Atos, Bip, Deloitte, Microelettrica Scientifica, Modis, Mondial, Moviri and Penny Market.


The winners:

The winners received a free Politecnico di Milano Official Merchandise sweatshirt and a pair of adidas Terrex shoes.

The first three men:

1) Ahmed El Mazoury, awarded by Pietro Zarlenga, Sports Marketing Manager for adidas Italy

2) Marco Alberio, awarded by Francesco Calvetti, Rector’s Delegate for the Sports Activities of the Politecnico di Milano

3) Alessandro Riva, awarded by Roberto Nigriello, Lecco Councilor for Sports

The first three women:

1) Chiara Fumagalli, awarded by Manuela Grecchi, Vice Rector of the Politecnico di Milano Lecco Campus

2) Lavinia Possenti, awarded by Francesco Calvetti, Rector’s Delegate for the Sports Activities of the Politecnico di Milano

3) Francesca Olmi, awarded by Enrico Zio, Rector’s Delegate for the Politecnico di Milano Alumni and for Individual Fundraising