POLIMI Graduate School of Management

New name and new brand for the School of Business of the Politecnico

MIP Politecnico di Milano, the Graduate School of Business of the Politecnico di Milano, is changing image with a new name and brand: today, the MIP brand becomes POLIMI Graduate School of Management.

A fundamental part in the process of rebranding, which began in 2020, was played by those who interact with the Business School of the Politecnico di Milano on a daily basis: the students – past, present and prospective – and the corporate and institutional stakeholders; it was through a process of listening, analysis and co-creation, developed on the school's community, that the key points of the repositioning strategy were identified.

The need to adopt a new name emerged precisely by talking to our students, alumni and partners, who are the beating heart of our School. MIP, an acronym for “Master in Ingegneria della Produzione” (Master in Production Engineering), no longer accurately reflected the school that we have become. We wanted something that represented us in all respects and that made it even more evident – also for an international audience – the link with the Politecnico and the city of Milan, which are both integral parts of the experience we offer our students

explain the President, Vittorio Chiesa, and the Dean, Federico Frattini.