New catering facilities

Leonardo and Bovisa Campuses

The Politecnico inaugurates new catering facilities at the Leonardo and Bovisa campuses:

  • Starting from Monday 8th February
    Polidistrict Caffè Bonardi at Building 14 (“La Nave")
    Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 11.30-18.00
  • Starting from Monday 22nd February
    Polidistrict “Unico” at Building BL27 (La Masa)
    Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 7.30-18.00

At the Leonardo campus a service for booking and collecting meals through smart lockers (located at self service Corso Italia) is also available: please register on the website https://polimi.compasscloud.it, download the app “My Lunch” and make the reservation by 11.30. Through the app you can check the dedicated menu with the price list.

Take-out is guaranteed at all catering points.

For the opening hours of the catering facilities from Monday 8 February please visit: Canteens and dining options.