Team PoliMOVE wins the Autonomous Challenge @ CES in Las Vegas

The very first head-to-head autonomous vehicle race

Very important victory for Team PoliMOVE, who came first in the Autonomous Challenge @ CES - Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, held on 7 January on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway track.

This was the world’s first race in which autonomous racing cars competed in an exciting head-to-head. In the final race, the PoliMOVE overtook TUM Autonomous Motorsport (Technische Universität München) to win the prize money of US$ 150,000.

The vehicles used were Dallara AV-21 models, the most advanced autonomous racing cars in existence, guided by artificial intelligence software developed by 9 teams from 19 universities all over the world. They competed in a series of heats at the end of which the PoliMOVE car had also notched up a speed record, hitting over 278 km/h. This is the fastest speed ever achieved by a self-driving vehicle on an oval circuit and it joins the overall speed record for an autonomous vehicle set by PoliMOVE in December 2021, when it reached a speed of 283.18 km/h in Yucca, Arizona.

The Autonomous Challenge @ CES was organised by Energy Systems Network, a no-profit body that also launched the Indy Autonomous Challenge, with the aim of stimulating technological advance in the field of autonomous vehicles. 

Team PoliMOVE is headed by Professor Sergio Savaresi from the Department of Electronics, Computer Sciences and Bioengineering at Politecnico di Milano; the extraordinary achievements obtained so far are the result of support from e-Novia, which backs the team as main sponsor, and Fluentis and Movyon, as supporting sponsors. The University of Alabama is team partner.

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