Fifth place for the mHACKeroni team at the cybersecurity world championship in Las Vegas

Politecnico di Milano’s Tower of Hanoi part of the team that stood out at the Capture The Flag competition

The mHACKeroni, a team of young Italian “ethical hackers”, came fifth at the Las Vegas DEF CON, the cybersecurity world championship. First among the European teams, the Italian team successfully improved on the seventh place achieved at the 2018 edition of the Capture The Flag contest.

The mHACKeroni are a “super-team” that combines five teams, consisting in the main of university students, including the Tower of Hanoi from Politecnico di Milano’s NECSTLab.

Capture The Flag is a cybersecurity competition, during which participants compete in teams with a view to identifying realistic security problems in complex applications created on ad hoc basis by the organisers. The purpose of the game is to exploit these problems in order to read sensitive data (the so-called flags) while simultaneously defending oneself from the attacks mounted by the other teams.