The WorkingAge project improves health and safety in the workplace

The Politecnico and PerVoice come together to control the emotional conditions experienced by workers

In a society in which the working age is steadily increasing, European project WorkingAge is studying the habits of workers over the age of 50 as they go about their daily business with the aim of improving the quality of the health and safety conditions at work. In order to do this, WorkingAge is using advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) and HCI (Human Computer Interaction) methods which allow it to measure the worker’s state in terms of emotions, motivation, cognition and health by collecting physiological data - including voice recognition, body language, eye tracking, electroencephalographic data, heart rate and skin conductance - as well as their external environmental conditions via IoT sensors.

The contribution provided by the ARCSLab laboratory at the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering at the Politecnico consisted of creating innovative algorithms for identifying the emotional aspects expressed during voice conversations, analysing both the acoustic characteristics and the content of the conversation itself. These algorithms will serve to implement the functions of the automatic speech transcription software developed by Italian company PerVoice.

The Politecnico di Milano is also heading up the ethics committee for the project, which has the task of ensuring that any data collected is processed in accordance with privacy regulations.

WorkingAge is a European project, funded by the Horizon 2020 programme, which is being worked on by a consortium consisting of universities, research institutes and technology companies from Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain.