The “Cortile spettacolare” (Spectacular Courtyard) project is among the winners of the "Creative Living Lab" award

A call for participation that finances cultural initiatives for creative activities in the Italian suburbs

The project

Dubbed "Cortile spettacolare” (1) the project experiments with participatory, performative design in a public courtyard in the heart of the San Siro, Milan district. The project will be carried out by the Politecnico di Milano’s Mapping San Siro, West Road Project (winner of the Polisocial Award 2017) research groups in partnership with Outis (National Centre for Contemporary Dramaturgy) and ALER Milano. The redesign of the Via Abbiati 6 (with its 150 apartments for 500 residents, half of whom are foreigners), courtyard, experiments with innovative coexistence practices, involving the residents.

Using the San Siro Off-Campus, a space opened by Politecnico that overlooks the courtyard, the project involves the different skills of the University’s teachers and students, residents and local businesses, theatre authors, and visual artists.

The project enhances the courtyard’s value by improving the space’s quality and making its artistic and cultural offer accessible by the city. This will make it a place for intercultural and intergenerational coexistence, socialising and meeting.

The award

“Cortile Spettacolare” was ranked first nationally, among the 17 winners of the second "Creative Living Lab" award, a call for participation promoted by The Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity and Urban Regeneration of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and aims to raise public awareness about the issues of local area regeneration.

There were 208 projects participating in the initiative. These focused on the regeneration of marginal and peripheral urban areas and were submitted by cultural associations, foundations and committees.

The winners were selected by a committee, and € 600,000 was allocated for the implementation of various projects, with a maximum of € 35,000 to be financed for each.

For further information 

(1) Cortile Spettacolare - sperimentazioni di progettazione partecipata performativa in un cortile di edilizia pubblica nel cuore del quartiere popolare di San Siro, Milano