ALFATEC Vacuum Cleaner Bin on show at Museo del Design Italiano

Innovative product designed in 1974 by Francesco Trabucco, Professor Emeritus at the Politecnico, and Marcello Vecchi

The ALFATEC Vacuum Cleaner Bin, designed in 1974 by Francesco Trabucco, Professor Emeritus in Design at the Politecnico di Milano, and Marcello Vecchi, is one of the works on display at the new Museo del Design Italiano (Italian Design Museum) at the Triennale Milano.

The vacuum cleaner, designed for craft or domestic use, consists of a drum into which dust and materials are sucked directly by a powerful motor positioned on the lid of the bin.

The product’s innovation lay in its simplicity, affordability and suction power. 

From a semantic perspective, the bin represented a radical change in the aesthetic paradigm: it abandoned the streamlined approach of American-made home appliances and took on the pop, raw, almost surreal look of the young generations.  

The Museo del Design Italiano, under the Artistic Direction of Joseph Grima, hosts a selection of the most iconic and representative pieces of Italian design. Displayed chronologically from 1946 to 1981, the selection presents one of the most influential periods in design and Italian designers in the world: the period between the immediate post-war years and subsequent economic miracle which continued up to the early 1980s.