95% of our MSc graduates already employed within one year

Excellent results emerging from our latest employment survey on 2018 graduates

95% of graduate students from Politecnico di Milano find work within one year of graduating (97% Engineering; 91 % Design; 89% Architecture), as much as 92% within six months.

Such an excellent result emerges from our latest employment survey, which analyses the job situation of young engineers, architects and designers of 2018 (in that on 2017 graduates, the rate was 94%).

The fact that as much as 30% of students was already employed before their graduation is even more encouraging about the benefit of such a qualification (they were 26% in 2017).

This is encouraging data for all young people who, in a period of severe uncertainty such as the current one, are about to begin their exciting academic journey in technical-scientific subjects. A demanding path, but one that guarantees many opportunities for growth and a prestigious career.

Specifically, 83% of employed new graduate students are employees: of these, 94% in the private sector, with an excellent 56% on a permanent contract, and an average salary of €1,575 net per month.

The satisfaction expressed by our graduates, all-time peak, also comes from the occurrence that 90% of them has found work within their field of study.

We bring to attention that 89% of newly recruited work steadily in Italy, confirming the strategic role of polytechnic subjects recognised by our national system.

Rector Ferruccio Resta states:

The data presented in the survey are reassuring; however, they do not take into account the downward curves that will occur in the coming months, when the consequences of the pandemic will be even more evident on the markets, putting at risk the entry of young people into the labour market. However, we know that solid training and good basic preparation will remain the most precious asset for our young. That the expertise cultivated in our university, as well as in the Italian universities of excellence, will be one of the most important levers to revive the country. Education is the best investment for the future.

The 2020 employment survey was coordinated by the Politecnico di Milano Career Service, which supports and prepares students for entry into the labour market, attending to contact with the most important national and international companies.

Methodological note

There were 4,333 master's degrees in 2018. 3,353 responded to the survey. The response rate was 77%. The survey was carried out at the beginning of 2020 through an integrated CAWI methodology: online and CATI: telephone. Graduates were asked to answer a multiple choice questionnaire of around 20 questions.