Global Game Jam @polimi

The Politecnico was one of the hosts of the biggest global game jams

This year from 31 January to 2 February, the Politecnico became one of the hosting venues of the Global Game Jam, the biggest game jam in the world, with thousands of locations scattered around the planet and thousands of developers and artists working together.

Game jams are hackathons dedicated to video game development in which small teams of developers, made up of programmers, graphic designers, artists and musicians, create a game in 48 hours. The event is open to the public and participation is free of charge.

The theme announced for 2020 was Repair, a word loaded with meaning that evokes images of physical objects and relationships in various states of repair.

The theme is decided after months of consideration by a creative team with a wide range of experience in game development processes. This year’s committee included Nomi, Anne B. J. Clausen, Shringi Kumari, Richard A. Bartle, Tim Garbos, and Laura E. Hall.

The site hosted by the Politecnico di Milano was coordinated by Pier Luca Lanzi, Professor of the Videogame Design and Development course at Politecnico di Milano; Prof. Daniele Loiacono; and Erica Stella, PhD Student in Information Technology – all members of the Polimi Game Collective, the group of professors and students from Politecnico di Milano that do research in the area of video games. Davide Pensato (DPStudios), Alessandra Ronco (IED), Geoff Davis (DBGameAcademy), Carlo Gioventù (MenteZero), Massimiliano Calzolari (Scuola Fumetto), Laura Ripamonti and Dario Maggiorni (Laboratorio PONG, University of Milano), Fabio Mosca (Anothereality), Marco Mezzocapo (MIRE), and Paolo Tortiglione (Conservatorio Milano) also collaborated in organising the event.

This was the 7a Game Jam  to be held at the Politecnico di Milano. The numbers were outstanding: 700 tickets, 669 jammers working in 89 groups, with 80 completed games, 3 of which were board games. This made the site of Politecnico di Milano third in the global ranking for number of participants.

All games developed are available on:

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