Federico Capasso donates part of the Balzan prize to Margherita Maiuri

The young Physics researcher was also included among the 40 under 40s of Fortune Italy

Federico Capasso decided to allocate part of the Balzan Prize he won to Margherita Maiuri, a young researcher at the Physics Department of Politecnico di Milano, for her Q-EX project, Quantum Effects in Complex Systems. The study involves the use of non-linear electronic spectroscopy techniques to identify coherent effects in confined materials. 

The International Balzan Prize Foundation promotes culture, science and the most deserving humanitarian, peace and brotherhood initiatives among peoples in the world. It awards four annual prizes, two in letters, moral sciences and arts, two in physical, mathematical, natural sciences and medicine.

Since 2001, the Balzan winner is required to allocate half of the prize to funding research projects preferably carried out by young humanists and scientists.

Federico Capasso, an Italian-born American since 1992, full professor of Applied Physics at Harvard University, received the 2016 Balzan Prize for Applied Photonics.  Capasso is one of the most important international scientists, recognized for his pioneering work in the field of quantum design of new materials with specific electronic and optical characteristics, which led to the creation of the revolutionary quantum cascade laser, and for his important contributions for what concerns applied photonics to plasmonics and metamaterials. 

This year, to celebrate the scientist's 70th birthday and his scientific point of view, the Harnessing Light with Structured Materials symposium, organized by the CNR-INO, brought together world-renowned speakers, experts in different fields, including optics and metamaterials, photonics, high power laser, ultra-cold matter, nano-optics and biological sciences. Among them, also Gerard Mourou, Nobel Prize in Physics 2018.

Margherita Maiuri was invited to the celebrations and gave a presentation during the symposium, reporting the scientific results obtained with the Q-EX project.

A long period of success for Margherita Maiuri, who, a few days ago was, also included among the 10 young researchers to keep an eye on, in the special 40under40 list by Fortune Italy.