Fabbrica di Quartiere - Neighbourhood Factory

Politecnico di Milano and IULM together in experimental research for the south-eastern quadrant of Milan

Fabbrica di Quartiere is a project that adopts an innovative multidisciplinary approach to redevelopment of neighbourhoods in the south-eastern quadrant of Milan: Scalo Romana Corvetto Nord, Calvairate Ortomercato, Rogoredo Santa Giulia, and Mecenate Case Bianche.

Headed up by the Politecnico di Milano (Department of Architecture and Urban Studies Urbani) and IULM, it also sees participation by local businesses and institutions: Conservatorio di Milano, Covivio, Fastweb S.p.A., Fondazione Snam, Lendlease, Risanamento S.p.A., SO.GE.MI. S.p.A, and the FenealUil trade union.

Fabbrica di Quartiere has been organised according to a “bottom-up” methodology, considering a subset of the city, one of its neighbourhoods or group of neighbourhoods that, due to size and characteristics, is significant for the development of the city today. With this change in perspective, it proposes study, definition of strategies and possible intervention for the neighbourhoods in the south-east area of Milan, with the aim of activating resources to tackle conditions related to the suburbs and marginality.

Fabbrica di Quartiere has identified four key elements in this zone: multi-ethnic populations, neighbourhood structures and infrastructures, transformation of disused areas and neighbourhood businesses. This formed the basis for reflection on the future of this “neighbourhood system”.

Fabbrica di Quartiere is continuing with development of tangible, feasible, sustainable projects: from improvement of the quality of the open areas between the public transport stations in Corso Lodi to construction of the eco-network between Parco Alessandrini and the Lambro eco-network, plus drawing up of a Strategic Plan for the ground floors of the Symbiosis district, Santa Giulia and the new fruit and vegetable market to ensure homogeneity and quality in services for social integration with the programming of cultural and other events for the squares in the Calvairate and Rogoredo neighbourhoods.

For each of these projects, reflection on new uses and new functions of public spaces goes hand in hand with the value and interest brought to the study by partner businesses that through Fabbrica di Quartiere have set up ongoing connections and dialogue the local area and its communities.

Fabbrica di Quartiere is run by a team comprising Alessandro Balducci from the Politecnico di Milano and Mario Abis from the IULM as Scientific Managers and Annarita Lapenna and Angela Airoldi as Project Managers.