Coltivare_Salute.Com: rethinking Case della Salute (Community Health Centres)

A project to develop widespread urbanity and socialising in the post-COVID-19 era

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed vulnerable areas in the health systems, concerning both hospitals and assistance. The Case della Salute (CdS) represent a resource: located throughout some regions in Italy, these Community Health Centres (CHCs) provide citizens with healthcare and social assistance services and have the potential to become points of reference for their communities. 

The Coltivare_Salute.Com project intends to strengthen the function of the CHCs in the Emilia-Romagna Region, turning them from health service providers into opportunities for social, architectural and urban regeneration, in order to cultivate health in neighbourhoods, take care of the socially vulnerable and build widespread urbanity and socialising.

Based on the Piacenza case study, the aim is to experiment and verify a replicable methodology for making CHCs agents of resilience for their local area and hubs of healthcare, social and urban innovation, within a framework of a renewed culture of health and assistance

With Professor Michele Ugolini as its Scientific Coordinator, this project will focus on many different dimensions (identity, accessibility, and spatial integration), involving the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, the Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, and the Department of Design. The following sector organisations and players will also collaborate as partners: Azienda USL (local health authority) Piacenza, Comune di Piacenza (Piacenza Municipal Authorities), Comitato Consultivo Misto delle Associazioni (Mixed Advisory Committee for Associations), Regione Emilia-Romagna (Emilia-Romagna Regional Authorities), Associazione Diabetici Piacenza (Piacenza Diabetics Association), and Comitato Sportivo Italiano (CSI) - Comitato Territoriale di Piacenza (Italian Sports Committee-Piacenza Committee).

Coltivare_Salute.Com is one of the 5 winning projects in the 2020 edition of the Polisocial Award, which had “Vulnerability and Innovation” as its theme. This initiative uses “5x1000” pre-tax donations to finance research projects for social purposes by Politecnico di Milano.

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