Big Data B&B

A new collaboration between the Politecnico di Milano and Piccolo Teatro

Which types of data and how much of it do we share online every day, perhaps unknowingly? Who processes it? Who handles it? For whom is it useful or damaging? Is it right to worry, or are we faced with a new, great scientific opportunity? With numerical models based on processing large amounts of data, we are, in fact, witnessing the progress of studies on artificial intelligence and robotics with the most varied and fascinating applications.

The issue of data and the ethical implications of scientific innovation are the focus of the new play Big Data B&B, produced by Piccolo Teatro in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano. The play stars Laura Curino, who also wrote the script with contributions from the pool of professors at META, the network of scholars from departments at the Politecnico di Milano investigating the ethical implications and social impacts related to the most innovative developments in science and technology.

Big Data B&B will be on stage, the national premiere, at Teatro Grassi in Milan, from 25 November to 12 December 2021.

Photo ©MasiarPasquali