Amazon Women in innovation: new scholarships for female students

Politecnico di Milano launches a campaign for companies keen to support women in STEM

Amazon is creating the “Amazon - Women in Innovation” scholarship to help young women achieve their career plans in the field of innovation and technology. Starting in academic year 2018/2019, the scholarships will be awarded to two students: one from the Politecnico di Milano and one from the Politecnico di Torino. The scholarship for our university will go to a student on the Laurea course (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) in Mathematics Engineering, based on the criteria of merit and income defined in the award announcement.

Each scholarship will provide financial support of €6,000 per year for three years. The students will also be assigned a mentor to help them develop useful skills for their future profession, for example, techniques for writing an effective CV or handling a job interview with a company.

As part of POP – Politechnic Equal Opportunities, our university’s new strategic programme to promote a study and work environment that respects gender, disability, culture and background, one of the objectives is to foster the relationship between university and business as a fundamental tool in guaranteeing young women a good start in the world of work.

Therefore, we are now appealing to companies that already collaborate with the university in the areas of research, innovative teaching and placements to actively help get more females into STEM studies.

Girls@Politecnico starts today, a scholarship drivecampaign financed by the companies who will promote and support the studies of new female students on the three-year Laurea course (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) at the Politecnico, particularly those who enrol on Engineering courses, which currently have a low number of women enrolled.

If your company would like to make a difference, contact us: pop-asvi(at)