Collaboration Agreement with Camozzi Group

Politecnico di Milano and Camozzi Group sign a framework agreement for research and scientific training

An agreement in the name of technological innovation, born from the desire to combine specific resources and skills to develop joint research and scientific training initiatives. A synergy aimed at seizing the opportunities and new challenges that industrial digitalization and new collaborative robotics require to component production, of which Camozzi Group is one of the main leader companies in Italy and in the world. Among the objectives, there is the creation of smart solutions with original functional performance and able to be connected to innovative production process management systems.

The relationship between Politecnico di Milano and companies is strengthened today through the agreement with Camozzi Group, a leading partner in Italy and in the world in the field of industrial automation.

The agreement is divided in three main sectors.

  • Maximization of the use of collaborative robotics within Camozzi's production lines: from the component assembly phase to the communication with the company MES (Manufacturing Execution System) for optimization of layouts and job scheduling. Particular attention will be paid to the processes of intelligent task planning and analysis and monitoring through the use of devices for controlling the actions of robots and operators.
  • Development of the latest generation components, sensors and software from an Industry 4.0 point of view.
  • Study and characterization of the additive manufacturing process.

Our University wants to strengthen this type of collaboration, in the name of common development and growth objectives, through the union of the best skills of the territory.

The Politecnico skills and activities will be added to those already in place at the Camozzi Research Centre in Milan, Via Rubattino, a completely new infrastructure of the Group, which enhances, with this vocation, 30,000 square meters of industrial spaces and 3,600 square meters of offices and laboratories of the historic Innse Milano.

Students and researchers the Politecnico di Milano will have the opportunity to take advantage of a new cutting-edge laboratory to develop studies and research related to the strategic areas of collaboration but also to broaden the scientific horizons of these research sectors.