#mappingcittastudi is the firts of various competitions promoted by Politecnico di Milano on the occasion of the XXI International Exhibition of the Triennale
di Milano. It is an invitation to discover, shooting and sharing on Instagram buildings, corners, streets, open spaces of Città Studi; the aim of the contest is to generate a photographic real and alive map of Città Studi area.

The contest is organized for the upcoming exhibition Beyond Città Studi (4 of April – 8 of May), one of the three exhibitions of the cycle Campus and Controcampus. The exhibitions will be part of the XXI Triennale di Milano, until September 12, at Politecnico di Milano.

The contest is open to everybody.

The competition begins on 1 March 2016 and will end at noon on April 14 2016.

Please check the Rules to participate.