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Voci di Frontiere - POLIMI

Every frontier is a challenge, a limit, but also an opportunity; a point of fracture, a place of exchange, an opportunity for change. There are physical frontiers and cultural frontiers; impassable frontiers and others that are permeable; there are sentimental frontiers and scientific frontiers. It is these last two that we will discuss here, keeping in mind all the others.

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Tutto Connesso

Lorenzo Paletti, Antonio Capone and Luca Dell'Anna interview experts from the Politecnico di Milano (and beyond) to respond to your queries about the world of technology and telecommunications: WiFi, Bluetooth, from Sigfox to LoraWan, from ultra wide band to satellites, and also metaverse and blockchain, touching on a huge variety of applications including smart home, industrial automation, connected cars, multimedia and entertainment.

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D\Tank is the think tank of the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano that transforms advanced academic research into Convergences of Innovation.
How will digital technology impact health and care in our daily lives?
In Design for Digital Care, researchers from the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano explore the challenges of Digital Care, including emerging care models, new actors and future relationships. Through the narration of three 36-month scenarios, the podcast recounts the future of healthcare and highlights how design is a fundamental tool for imagining trajectories for equitable, accessible and inclusive care.

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My Turn

A six-episode debate between students of the Politecnico di Milano and several experts to further develop knowledge and skills to face the job market. The debate will focus on issues that whoever is trying to find their career path must face (writing CVs and cover letters, networking, job hunting, public speaking...); the aim is to analyse generally overlooked aspects that today really make a difference, such as personal branding and strategical use of social networks.

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Meet Me Tonight 2021 @ Polimi

Talks by researchers from the Politecnico di Milano on the latest edition of Meet Me Tonight.

The initiative aims to promote research and its results, researchers and their work, with particular focus on the younger generations on the one hand, and on the acknowledgement of the role of Europe on the other.

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