Open Days 2021 Lauree Magistrali (equivalent to MSc)

  • 26/5

    Master’s Degree and How to apply (in Italian)

  • 27/5

    Master’s Degree and How to apply (in English)

  • 28/5

    School, honour degree, international opportunities, career and more

Open Days are officially taking off for all those students that after their Bachelor’s Degree, mean to pursue postgraduate studies at Politecnico di Milano.

From May 26th to May 28th, Politecnico offers a rich calendar full of online meetings dedicated to gaining knowledge about the University and the different Master’s Degree programmes offered.

Presentation of the Days

26 May

On May 26th there will be presentations held in Italian on the following topics:

  • admission procedures for students holding a degree from an italian University
  • Master’s Degree programmes

27 may

Instead, on May 27th, there will be presentations held in English on the following topics:

  • admission procedures for students with a foreign University degree
  • Master’s Degree programmes

28 May

On May 28th every presentation will be held in English, except for the Graduate School (Scuola di Specializzazione), that as of today only offers a programme taught in Italian:

  • Architecture / Design / Engineering programmes: detailed presentations of the different tracks offered in the different study fields. During the presentation of the Engineering programmes, it will also be introduced the MUR (Italian Ministry of University and Research) pilot project to further skill training in green technologies and smart infrastructures
  • Alte Scuole (ASP and ASA): two honour programmes for talented students, running in parallel with the Master’s Degree programmes
  • Politecnico di Milano: gateway to international opportunities: everybody living our campus is integrated in an international context and can access several international experiences. Politecnico works as a hub and gateway for a network of international opportunities, able to attract and share, together with some chosen partners, resources, infrastructures, skills and people, aiming to give more and more value to the effects of our international exposition in terms of impact on society
  • career opportunities for graduates in the different study fields
  • PhD: PhD programmes descriptions, application procedures and international opportunities
  • The Graduate School of Architecture and Landscape Heritage: programme description, application procedures, laboratories and study trips

Registration in the event

Students will be able to register for the online presentations through the following form before May 24th, 23:59 (CEST). The presentations will be held on Microsoft Teams. It is not necessary to download the app if accessing from a personal computer; nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to do so. However, it is necessary to download the app if accessing from a smartphone or a tablet. The links to access the presentation rooms will be sent via e-mail before the end of the registration period:

Form to register for the presentations