Build the future

Politecnico di Milano is well aware of the responsibilities we have towards future generations and is willing to devote energies and passion to acquire a better understanding of the situation and to contribute to a sustainable development, aiming at shaping the future we all dream of.

To foster a widespread dialogue on these global challenges, Politecnico di Milano has organised a series of webinars on cutting-edge technologies and research topics to encourage awareness and to help identify possible solutions. We can all have an impact on society, if we share knowledge and start with our personal commitment. Together, we can make the difference and drive the change!

Future events

28/9/2021Patrizia Bolzan, Daria Casciani, Chiara Colombi, Chiara Di LodovicoUnveiling the Fashion-Tech Paradigm – Design-driven product, service and process innovation



Watch our past events

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Sustainability in Space Activities for Enhanced Services on Earth
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Antimatter to Build the Future
Archaeoastronomy: the science of stars and stones
Beyond Smart Cities: connecting places, people and nature