Sport activities

Politecnico di Milano believes that sport is fundamental to individual growth and awareness, and it is key to form new relationships, to increase a sense of belonging, to stimulate competitiveness and responsibility, to build self trust and acknowledge one’s limits to push them forward. Politecnico di Milano invites all students to practice sports, particularly at the facilities available in the University.

Students who wish to play, train and compete inside the Politecnico are required to get the Politecnico diMilano Sport Card, an annual membership card that includes insurance, access to the running tracks and to the PoloSportivo facilities in all of Politecnico Campuses (Lecco, Mantova and Piacenza).

The Leonardo Campus hosts Giurati Sports Center, a historic facility for athletics and rugby in Milano, where students can practice athletics, five-a-side football and rugby, or take advantage of the fitness gym. Sport Card owners can access the Giuriati running tracks for free.

In addition to this facilities, students can find the official Playgrounds in every Milan Campus (Leonardo, Bovisa La Masa, Bovisa Candiani and also Lecco) which offer ping-pong tables, green-volley fields and basketball hoops for free to everyone regardless of membership or subscription.

Politecnico di Milano also hosts tournaments and competitions during the academic year. The main ones are the Politecnico di Milano Championships, a multidiscipline tournament reserved to student-made teams and divided in two editions per year, one for each semester, and the PolimiRun Spring and Winter, two yearly competitive and non competitive 10 km runs open to everyone: the Spring edition links the two Milan Campuses of Bovisa and Leonardo, the Winter is a trail run in Lecco Campus and on Lecco mountain paths.

For competitions and tournaments outside the university, Politecnico di Milano has an official representative basketball team currently playing in the Serie D division, and official groups of students for athletics and cycling.

Born from the collaboration between engineering and design departments, Politecnico di Milano also has official teams for automotive research and design for racing (cars and motorcycles) and sailing, that compete in international tournaments and races.

Politecnico di Milano moreover offers Sport Scholarships for all those students who practice at competitive level in CONI (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano) approved disciplines and sports associations, as a way to reward and encourage both academic and physical training. You could find more details in the call for scholarships that will be published between May and June.

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