Services for disabled students

Politecnico di Milano offers a specialized service to ensure everybody the right to education and to vocational training, and to guarantee a real participation and a proper autonomy to students with congenital or acquired disability.

Our “Multi-Chance Poli Team" offers the following services:

  • University guidance counseling: individual counseling to support students in their study choices, to discuss their requests and needs and to plan the most suitable solutions
  • SAT: possibility/opportunity to take the entrance test in a private room, specifically provided with technological supports
  • Didactic and technological aids: preparation of the lecture room with specific aids in order to help students to attend lectures, practical classes and laboratories. Moreover, on demand, the university can lend students notebooks and hardware or software for educational purposes. Innovative ICT technologies can be used thanks to the wireless environment
  • Tutoring: generic or specialized tutoring to support students with specific difficulties in studies
  • Personalized exams: on request and subject to agreement with university lecturers, the student can take his/her exams (English test included) with specific technological supports, or can perform equivalent tests according to his/her specific type of disability
  • Tele-educational activities: on demand the Service provides virtual classes and training aids in case of severe disability, prolonged hospitalization or absence
  • Accessibility to University: the fulfillment of PEBA (the Plan for the Elimination of Architectural Barriers) and internal communication provide an accurate information on the accessibility to campuses and building, as well as courses, laboratories and any other type of complementary activity
  • Accompaniment: students can be accompanied for transfers within the university or between the university and the nearest public transportation
  • Administrative Assistance: the Service helps students dealing with administrative and bureaucratic issues
  • University fees exemption: students with a clinical certificate of invalidity over 66% are exempted from tuition fees
  • Scholarships: every year, Politecnico di Milano publishes calls for scholarships for all enrolled students. Students with disability over 66% benefit from particular criteria of participation

For further information, please send an e-mail to: multichance(at)