How to prepare for the TOL


To prepare for the Engineering Test  - TOL, you can download "Politest - The Politecnico di Milano Engineering test".


It is also very useful to attend MOOCs, free on line courses in mathematics and physics. These courses are especially useful to help and consolidate the basic knowledge that is verified by the test. To participate just sign up at

Self-assessment test

See Poliorientami website (in Italian only)

Demo On Line - DOL

The DOL is a reduced version of the TOL (Test On Line); with the DOL you can practice before taking the actual test. The questions are divided as follows: English (10 questions in 5 minutes); Logic, Mathematics and Statistics (7 questions in 20 minutes); Verbal Comprehension (5 questions in 10 minutes); Physics (2 questions in 5 minutes). Questions are selected by an automatic program by drawing from a database. If you execute the DOL more than once, you may find that a certain question is repeated. Before starting the DOL have pen and paper at hand for any calculations or notes; do not use, however, a calculator or textbooks since these are prohibited when taking the TOL. The only difference between the DOL and the TOL is that in the TOL you must wait for the time to expire before proceeding to the next section, while in the DOL this is not required. In both cases, when the time available expires, the program closes the work section and immediately opens the next, with no possibility of going back.

At the end of the DOL, a summary will appear for each section with: the number of correct answers; the number of incorrect answers; the number of omitted answers. You will not see, however, your total score (as in the TOL). To ensure the best match between DOL and TOL, the same Software and Servers are used. For this reason, the DOL is suspended on days in which TOL, OFA remedial (Additional Educational Requirements) and TENG (Test of Italian) sessions are planned. To avoid server overloading or instability, the maximum number of users able to simultaneously access the test is limited. If the maximum number of users is reached, you will see a warning and an invitation to try the DOL again later.

Go to DOL - Demo On Line (in Italian only)