Students with a previous university career

If you are already graduated and you want to take a second Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) or if you have studied in a foreign University and you want a recognition of your previous exams, you can ask for an evaluation of your university career.

If you obtained a secondary school diploma after 11 or 10 years of global schooling and you attended one (in case of 11 years) or two (in case of 10 years) years of university studies you can’t apply for an evaluation of the university career for the years used in order to reach 12 years of school required for enrollment.

Please bear in mind that in order to obtain a degree at Politecnico di Milano, it is compulsory for you to achieve at least 60 ECTS credits at Politecnico di Milano (in addition to thesis and internship credits where foreseen).

Degree Programmes

If you are

  • a student from another University who wishes to transfer to one of our degree programmes
  • have already graduated or obtained a university degree diploma from Politecnico di Milano or another University, and wish to take a second degree
  • or your previous academic career has been terminated due to withdrawal or forfeiture and you want to re-enrol for a degree programme

you must follow the instructions on the following pages, depending on the degree programme: