Urban Planning

Entrance test

The interview of Urban Planning will be held on 7th July 2021.

For more information, you can check the call of Urban Planning of the academic year 2021/2022:
Bando Laurea Urbanistica 2021-2022 (English translation of official call which is only in Italian language) 

How to apply 

Please note that each of the following steps is compulsory:

a) Register online in order to obtain the credentials (person code and password) to access Politecnico di Milano Online Services (please note: multiple registrations will cause problems, please remember your credentials and use them every time you need to access the Online Services”)

b) Pre-register to the test at the following link “Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) and five- year single-cycle programmes: entrance or discharge tests and enrolment” within 28th June

c) Pay for the admission test, the cost is 30 euros.

d) Starting from the current academic year, the procedure to apply for a student visa is managed through Universitaly website. Non-EU students already residing abroad, admitted to our Bachelor programs, must create their own account and submit their visa application from here: https://www.universitaly.it/index.php/registration

Politecnico di Milano will confirm your name to the Italian Diplomatic representatives through Universitaly platform only if you pass the admission test and you can complete the enrollment procedure. 

Please note: the student visa must be obtained even in case classes can be attended online, as per our Ministry of University’s guidelines. Students whose visa application will be denied will not be allowed to prosecute with their studies.

As well, students failing in submitting a visa application within the given deadlines, will not be allowed to proceed with their studies at Politecnico di Milano.

Visa applications for 2021/2022 A.Y. are open yet, you have to submit your application within 30th November 2021 but we suggest to not attend the deadline in order to present your visa request.

e) After having passed the entrance test and within the deadline for the enrolment, students will have to enroll online and hand in the required documents to the International Students Office.

Scores, outcome of the test and rankings

The Urban Planning oral test requires meeting a minimum score threshold. You can enrol in our Urban Planning course only if you have obtained a score equal to or higher than 40.00/100: the score will be considered to the first two decimal places without rounding to the nearest figure. Only candidates who have achieved a score equal to or higher than 60.00/100 will be eligible for the Right to Education benefits.

The Urban Planning test has a maximum score of 100 points, distributed as follows:

  • motivation letter: up to 20 points
  • paper: up to 30 points
  • oral test: up to 50 points

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria are:

  • linguistic correctness and language property
  • relevance
  • clarity
  • logical and argumentative capacity
  • critical capacity, originality and intellectual vivacity

The admission test does not include an English section.

Students enrolled must demonstrate their English knowledge by taking one of the tests organised by Politecnico (English OFA recovery sessions) or by providing a recognised certificate.

Admission test results and rankings

The score achieved by each candidate in the admission test will be published in the days immediately following the end of the test session.

A ranking list will then be drawn up showing the candidates who have an adequate score for registration.

If there is a tie in the overall score obtained in the admission test, the score obtained by the candidate shall be considered based on the following descending order:

  • the oral test
  • the paper
  • the motivational letter

If there is a further tie, the youngest student shall prevail.

Places available

Below are the places available in the quota reserved for candidates with a foreign high school diploma who have applied for a visa to study at the relevant Italian Diplomatic Representative.

The numbers in brackets refer to the places reserved for Chinese students enrolled in the Marco Polo programme, provided they pass the entry test.

You can check the Campus location on the map available at this link and on the Campus sites.

School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering

  • Architectural Design (Milano Leonardo Campus): 55
    divided as follows:
    Italian language based programme: Five (5 of which are reserved for Marco Polo students)
    English language based programme: 50 (0 reserved for Marco Polo students)
  • Architectural Design (Mantova Campus); 2 (2 of which are reserved for Marco Polo students)
  • Architectural Design (Piacenza Campus); 52
    divided as follows:
    Italian language based programme: 12 (2 of which are reserved for Marco Polo students)
    English language based programme: 40 (0 reserved for Marco Polo students)
  • Urban Planning: Cities, Environment and Landscapes (Milano Leonardo Campus): 5 (2 of which are reserved for Marco Polo students)
  • Building Engineering-Architecture Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science - Lecco Campus): 2 (0 reserved for Marco Polo students)
  • Building and Construction Engineering (Milano Leonardo Campus): 5 (1 reserved for Marco Polo students)

After the test: enrolment

To know if you are eligible for registration, wait until the ranking is published. If you have obtained the minimum score required to pass the test it doesn’t mean you have an adequate ranking position, which is needed to register.

The rankings will be published on the www.polimi.it website.

Ranking publication: 10.30 am on 20th July 2021

For those who have an adequate ranking score, registration will be from 10.30 am on 20th July 2021 to 11.59 pm on 22nd July 2021