Application for EU citizens and equivalent

For EU citizens, non EU regularly residing in Italy and Italian citizens with foreign academic qualification

When to apply


You can take the test:

  • in one of the sessions held between March and July 2019
  • in one of the following sessions: 29, 30 or 31 August 2019

The tests take place both in the morning and in the afternoon in Milan. Morning tests start at 9.30 am and students are required to be in the classroom at 9.00. Afternoon tests start at 2.30 pm and students must arrive at 2.00 pm.

The sessions from March to July are available to all students enrolled in the final year of high school and to high school graduates; the August sessions is for high school graduates only and for those who:

  • did not take the test in one of the previous sessions;
  • took the test in a previous session but were not eligible for enrolment;
  • took the test in a previous session, were eligible for enrolment but didn’t complete it in due time.

The test takes place using personal computers in the IT-equipped lecture rooms of the Politecnico Milano Campuses.

Dates and registration modalities to the Design Test (only in Italian Language)


You can take the TOL in various sessions from January to July 2019:

  • First Session: from January to February 2019
  • Second Session: from March to April 2019
  • Third Session: in May, June and July 2019

The sessions from January to July are available to all students of the penultimate and final year of high school and to high school graduates. You can find more information at the following page (only in Italian Language)

Dates and registration modalities to the Engineering Test from January to July session (only in Italian Language)

Urban Planning

In order to be admitted to the "Urbanistica : Città Ambiente Territorio" programme, you must pass an admission interview. You can attend the interview only once:

  • or in one of the sessions held between April and July 2019 
  • or in the standard session of September 2019

The interview cannot be repeated.

Dates and registration modalities to the Urban Planning Interview (only in Italian version)


The entrance test will take place on Thursday, 5th September 2019 (one date only, at national level).

How to apply

How to apply to Engineering, Design and Urban Planning Test

In order to enroll in one of the Bachelor of Science programmes, students must pass an entrance test.

EU citizens wherever residing, non-EU citizens with residence permit in Italy [*], Non- EU citizens with a residence permit for study reasons, who are enrolled in a degree course in an Italian University, and Italian citizens with secondary school title obtained abroad are admitted to Bachelor of Science degree courses under the same conditions as Italian students.

[*] as reported from the art. 39, comma 5, of the legislative decree 25.07.98, n. 286, modified by the art. 26 of the law 30 July 2002, n. 189 “Law modification regarding immigration and asylum”, “students from abroad possessing a residence permit or a subordinate or autonomous work permit, for family reasons, for political asylum, for humanitarian asylum, for religious reasons, or for foreigners residing for at least one year possessing a diploma of secondary studies awarded in Italy” are allowed to apply personally for the admission test without passing through the Diplomatic Italian Representative. Students having a residence permit different from those listed above will not be accepted.

In order to apply for a Bachelor of Science programme (Laurea) students are asked to proceed as follows:

  • A) register online in order to obtain the credentials (person code and password) to access Politecnico di Milano “online services” (please note: multiple registrations will cause problems, please remember your credentials and use them every time you need to access the “online services”)
  • B) register to the test and perform the payment at the link “Laurea ( Equivalent to a Bachelor of Science ) and five – years – single – cycle programmes: entrance or discharge tests and enrolment”
    • enter your high school data: if you do not find the name of your school in our list, select "other Institute" and type the full name of the school in the box
    • enter the data of your identity document, which has to be the same document that you will submit at the test
    • select your date and time of preference: for each test date you can see in real time if there are still places available
    • select the study program you want to enroll in. You can select up to 4 programmes in order of preference. You can only change once the order of the expressed options
    • carry out the test payment: € 30.00 for sessions until July; € 50.00 for September sessions (only available for Design and Urban Planning programs)

You can choose among the following payment methods.

If you want to pay online by credit card or debit card: "PAGAMENTO IMMEDIATO /CONTESTUALE TRAMITE PagoPA"

Select the payment method you prefer between:

  • Bank Trasfer (through the Home Banking), if your bank is Italian;
  • credit card or prepaid card (only Visa, Mastercard or American Express are accepted)

You will receive an email informing you about the payment outcome. 

If you want to pay in persona at your Italian bank: "PAGAMENTO SUCCESSIVO CON AVVISO DI PAGAMENTO PagoPA"

Print the payment form .pdf called IUV which contains all your personal data and bring it to the bank. The form has two A4 sheets, print both of them. You can pay at any branch of the banks that have joined the 3 IUV payment system model.

ATTENTION: you can only perform the payment before the deadline, which is also indicated on the IUV form (pdf form).

We must inform you that paying with the IUV at Poste Italiane is not allowed.

About 15 minutes after the payment you can enter on the entrance test application on the Online services and print the registration receipt. On this receipt you will find: your identification code, the date, time and classroom of the test. If you enter a different classroom you will not be admitted to the exam. You can print the registration receipt at any time through the Online Services ("Laurea (Equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) and five-years single cycle programmes: entrance or discharge tests and enrolment” >“Receipt”).

If you are a student with disability or dyslexia, you can point it out during the test registration procedure.

How to apply to Architecture Test

Information regarding AY 2019/2020 will be available in the next months.