Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology

Academic year: 2024/2025

Programme duration: 2 years


A Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering or in other material-related Degrees (e.g. Applied Physics and Chemistry).

Mission and goals

This Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) programme is taught entirely in English to stimulate the student in acquiring greater familiarity with the terminology used internationally. The objective of the programme is to prepare a professional figure expert in materials and in the design of processes and manufactured goods. Within the scope of the study plan a number of specific specialisations are foreseen: Surface Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, Engineering Applications, Microengineering and Microtechnology, Sustainability Engineering.


Mathematical methods for materials engineering, Advanced chemistry for materials engineering, Solid state physics, Mechanical behaviour and failure of metals, Mechanical behaviour and durability of polymers, Corrosion engineering of metals and ceramics, Composite materials for structural applications, Surface engineering and technology, Advanced materials, Nanomaterials for energy conservation, Plasmas for surface micro and nanostructuring, Surface treatments for mechanical applications, Micromechanics, Physics of nanostructures, Thesis work.

Career opportunities

The Laurea Magistrale graduate in Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering has the ability to devise and manage innovation in the materials industry; he/she finds employment mainly in companies specialised in producing, processing and design various materials and components, as well as in the area of the development of new applications in the mechanical, chemical, electronics, energy, telecommunications, construction, transport, biomedical, environmental and restoration industries as well as in research and development centres of companies and public bodies.

Employment Statistics


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