Food Engineering

Academic year: 2024/2025

Programme duration: 2 years


Milano Leonardo / Milano Bovisa According to the semester




A bachelor’s degree in a scientific or technical discipline (Industrial Engineering). A Committee will evaluate students with a different background case by case.

Mission and goals

Food Engineering aims at developing a new food industry culture and at training master degree-level students who are able to solve problems and to innovate the value chain of the food and beverage industry. Food engineers acquire strong skills in: 

  • The chemical-physical and nutritional qualities of foods and beverages, and related product and process engineering
  • Analyses and management of the entire supply chain of the modern food and beverage industry.
  • The context and the social, economic and environmental effects of production methods, regulatory policies, sustainability

The programme is interdisciplinary and focuses on the industrial food transformation technologies and on the analysis and modeling of the social, economic, and environmental effects of the production, from farm to fork.

Food engineering focuses on food and beverage processing, production, and preservation technologies; support the design of food products and production equipment; it takes care of quality management, certification and of food safety; it designs sustainable processes, considering the product life and the reduction of energy consumption connected with production and logistics.

The objective is to prepare culturally and professionally highly qualified technicians able to carry out and to manage activities related to research and design along the entire value-chain of the food and beverage sector, operating at national and international level.


Mandatory courses
Principle of food manufacturing; Trends in Food Industry Laboratory; Food Packaging Materials; Process and Plants of Food Industry; Quality Engineering; Logistic Management; Costs and Operations Management in Manufacturing Industry; Food Safety and Microbiology; Agro-food Supply Chain Future Perspectives

Other courses
Process Plant; Formulation Technology; Industrial Ecoefficiency; Sustainable Energy in Food Industry; Solid Waste Management and Treatment; Water and Waste-Water Treatment Technology; Products from Renewable Resources; Principles of Advanced Separations; Techniques for Safety (Industrial and Environmental)

Final Thesis

Career opportunities

The graduate in Food Engineering will fit the needs of the modern food and beverage industry, related to:

  • Process and product management and development (food and beverage) 
  • Support in the design of plants and production equipment, service, and logistics facilities 
  • Management of technological services and plants in food and beverage industry, along the entire value-chain
  • Maintenance and optimization of plants and processes 

Professional opportunities: 

  • Food and beverage industries (production, processing, packaging, distribution and marketing)
  • Engineering companies operating in the food and beverage sector
  • Technical structures of the public administration 
  • Consultancy companies, also with regard to safety and sustainability issues along the entire value-chain of food industry


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