Engineering Physics

Academic year: 2023/2024

Programme duration: 2 years


Milano Leonardo and Como (in Como Campus only the 2nd year of "Semiconductor Nanotechnologies" track)




A Bachelor degree in Engineering Physics, in Industrial Engineering or Information Engineering is required for application. The Committee will evaluate students with a different background case by case.

Mission and goals

The main educational objective of this Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) programme is to prepare professionals with a sound expertise in science and an engineering attitude. A Physical Engineer is able to “produce” innovation both in the industrial environment as well as in basic research. He is highly competitive in the global market, with particular reference to the sectors where solid-state physics, optics, photonics and nanotechnologies are developed and routinely employed. More specifically, the Physical Engineer can approach all the industries and research labs based on advanced technologies, which may include material science, lasers, photonics devices, biomedical optics, etc. The programme has three possible finalizations: Nano-optics and Photonics; Nano and Physical Technologies; Semiconductor nanotechnologies.


In addition to the core mandatory classes, three tracks are available:

Micro and nano systems

Photonic and Quantum Technologies

Quantum materials and Nanophysics

Career opportunities

The graduate in Engineering Physics can approach and find employment opportunities in all the sectors in which high tech systems are designed and developed, such as laser manufacturers or system integrators based on photonics devices, industries working on new materials, vacuum technologies or biomedical devices, just to mention few examples. The Physical Engineer can therefore find employment in companies operating in material science and optical technologies. Moreover, the graduates in Engineering Physics can work in strategic consultancy companies or can continue their Academic Education with a PhD Program toward a professional career in academic or industrial research.

Employment Statistics


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