Architectural Design and History

Academic year: 2024/2025

Programme duration: 2 years



English (the programme is taught in English, with the possibility to choose some elective subjects in Italian)


A Bachelor Degree in Architecture and a portfolio are mandatory.

Laurea magistrale programmes under the School of Architecture accept students only in the first semester of the academic year (September intake)

Mission and goals

The environment we live in nowadays is very complex and the architect is forced to work on the existing heritage, paying particular attention to its sustainability and considering the enviroment together with the built heritage as a resource to protect. The MSc programme "Architectural Design and History" is offering a study plan based on this very attitude. Its mission is to train students to be cultured architects, well-aware of the historic and artistic context in which they work as well as of the other cultural fields. New designs shall be included in and compared to the already existing ones. The respect of the built heritage is the starting point for the new design to become a reutilization project, a requalification project, sometimes even completion and new integration.


1st year

Architectural Design in Historical Context Studio, Architectural Design and History, History of Architecture, Architectural Heritage Preservation: Culture and Practices, Mechanics and Design of Structures, Survey Advanced Techniques.

2nd year

Final Workshop "Antico e Nuovo", Planning in Historical Context Studio, Heritage Management. 

Career opportunities

Master of Science graduates - designers recognized by the European Union - have many different career opportunities: as freelance architects or in association with professional studios, they may work at new solutions in the field of architecture, a professional field which is undergoing many transformations; the wide set of jobs at a private and public level in institutions, companies, service and design companies, offers to the graduates the possibility to work in different positions with different expertise even at a high level of responsibility.

Employment Statistics


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