All students must complete an online enrolment within the given deadlines. The enrolment can be considered officially over only once the documents have been verified by the office in charge, including the language certificate and the student visa, if necessary.


Students admitted to a Laurea Magistrale programme who have completed the following steps:

Please, proceed with the steps above if any of them is missing or incomplete.


Academic Year 2023-2024 (First Semester) 

  • Design: from July 13th to August 23rd
  • AUIC-Architecture: from July 13th to August 23rd
  • Engineering: from July 13th to September 5th
  • AUIC-Engineering courses (*): from July 13th to September 5th

(*) Building and Architectural Engineering - Building Engineering - Management of Built Environment

Classes start on September 13th for all students.


  1. Enter your online account
  2. Select Apply for a Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to a Master of Science) programme
  3. Confirm/complete your degree information
  4. Pay the first instalment (€ 888.59) of your first academic year tuition fees. Remember that you must have paid the administrative fee first!

Can't see the "enrol" button?
If you have updated the information related to your personal details and previous career, and have uploaded a valid language certificate but still cannot enrol, this is due to a formal step your professor must still carry out on your application. Please note it is just a technical issue that is usually solved within the enrolment deadline; we suggest you check your pre-application every now and then, until you see the “Enrol” button.

If you need help, you can check this step-by-step tutorial of the enrolment procedure.

PLEASE NOTE: It is possible to complete the online enrolment procedure even if the enrolment documents haven’t been uploaded yet.