Buddy Program

A.Y. 2023/2024 – First semester


Starting from the academic year 2015-2016, Politecnico di Milano has implemented a "Buddy System": this foresees a match between new international students and students who are already enrolled at Politecnico, who will assist the new students in the phase prior to their arrival and over the three months after their arrival.

By filling out a brief registration form that you will find below, you will be put in contact with a student who is currently studying at Politecnico di Milano, in order to obtain useful information to organize your stay in Italy and receive support in understanding the life of a student at Politecnico and in the city of Milan.

Who is a Buddy

A Buddy is a student of Politecnico di Milano who has decided to dedicate, as a volunteer, part of his/her time to help an International student to settle in a new context. A Buddy is a student like you, who will mostly be busy in attending classes and studying for exams, but he/she will find some time every week to meet you and/or write to you in order to answer your queries and introduce you to the new context and culture. A Buddy is someone who also has had to adapt and learn how to overcome initial problems and who will share his/her experience and help you out!

Please bear in mind that the International Students Office and the Exchange Students office will support you with all institutional/administrative matters you will have to deal with before arrival: your Buddy is not meant to replace the office activities, but will be a friend with whom to share the experience of coming to a new country.

A Buddy will:

  • be a reference point before your arrival to Italy
  • help you to become familiar with the campus and its facilities
  • involve you in cultural events and games organized at Politecnico for buddy and new students
  • help you get to know the city and its opportunities
  • give you a hand for any practical day to day issues
  • address you to the offices competent for specific issues

When to apply


Application opens from 13th June to 15th July 2023.

You will receive the outcome of your application starting from 24th July 2023, by e-mail.


Application opens from 1st to 12th September 2023.

You will receive the outcome of your application starting from 19th September 2023, by e-mail.

How to apply

In order to apply you must have paid the administrative fees (only for Master of Science students).

Enter the Online Services and fill in your application by accessing the option:

Selection procedures > Domanda per richiedere un Buddy - I need a Buddy.

You just need to fill out the information regarding personal data, known languages and hobbies; no bank information is required, the project is free of charge.


The project lasts five months.

How students are matched

Buddy will be matched with new international students solely on the basis of the attendance to the same study programme, known languages and of personal interests, which will be revealed through the registration form.

The possibility of finding a match for all the students who have applied to be or to have a Buddy is not guaranteed, as it depends on the number of candidates/applicants. In case of extremely uneven numbers of candidates/applicants, matching priority will be given to those who have applied first.

According to the number of applicants, Buddy will be matched with one or more international student.


The project is coordinated by Campus Life and Merchandising Unit

Politecnico di Milano

E-mail: Buddy-system(at)polimi.it