Useful numbers, mail and phone services

Useful telephone numbers

Carabinieri (police with military and civil duties), State Police, Emergency Health Assistance, Fire Emergency112
Anti-Poison Centre02 661 010 29

Mail service

"Poste Italiane" is the national mail service. Offices are open from 8 am to 1.35 pm but many, especially in Milano, are open until 7.05 pm. Stamps can be bought not only in post offices, but also at tobacconists and bars displaying a “T” sign. Some services, such as registered mail, are offered only by post offices. Apart from traditional mail services, "Poste Italiane" also offers banking services such as checking accounts and pre-paid credit cards. Please check for more details about all services offered, office location and timetables.

Phone services

All phone services are provided by different companies which offer various services and rates depending on the time of the day, the type of call etc.

Most houses have a fixed telephone line but mobile phones are extremely popular. Mobile phone services are offered by different companies at various rates. All companies have the possibility to activate prepaid cards (the cheapest possibility) or contracts.

To sign up with one of the companies you need:

It usually takes a few hours to activate your card.