Environmental Engineering for Sustainability (track)

Academic year: 2023/2024

Programme duration: 2 years


Students holding a Bachelor Degree in Engineering or in a related field are eligible for application.

Mission and goals

Our mission is to educate engineers who can design infrastructures and plan human development while balancing environmental health and the society’s need for better living conditions. The Laurea Magistrale in Environmental and Land Planning Engineering focuses on a broad range of interdisciplinary professional capabilities and expertise required to deal with all the issues related to a sustainable utilization of natural resources. We provide a full track in English, which offers a panoply of specialized courses and laboratories addressing all the environmental components, air, water, soil and the biota, and the impacts due to natural hazards and to human activities, as well as their mitigation. We achieve the mission through advanced scientific and technological education.


Available courses include: chemistry for sustainability, soil remediation, engineering and process technologies for water, air and solid waste treatment,hydrology and hydraulic engineering, ecology, energy systems technologies, environmental impact assessment and quality evaluation, environmental systems engineering and management, geotechnical and seismic engineering, water, land and soil resource management, surface and subsurface water quality modelling and evaluation.

Career opportunities

Graduates are expected to be employed in land and environmental service enterprises, engineering firms for design and construction of plants for water and air emissions treatment, energy generation and waste disposal, companies for producing and managing environmental instrumentation, remote sensors and environmental monitoring systems and networks, public authorities and agencies for land planning and control.

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