Transfers, second degrees, programme shortenings, re-enrolment following withdrawal or exclusion

Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science)


  • you are a student at another University and wish to transfer to a Laurea programme (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) at our university;
  • you are a student who has studied or graduated from another university abroad and wish to apply for an evaluation of your previous academic career for a programme shortening;
  • you have already graduated or obtained a university diploma from Politecnico di Milano or another university and wish to complete a second degree programme;
  • you had a previous academic career, or will soon end it by withdrawing or because you have been excluded, and you wish to re-enrol in a Laurea programme

you must follow the instructions on the following pages, depending on the Laurea programme you are interested in:

International students belonging to the reserved quota (find out what this means) must take the entrance test regardless of the evaluation result.

Laurea Magistrale

If you are already enrolled in a Laurea Magistrale programme at another university and wish to transfer to our university or to complete a second Laurea Magistrale programme, you must follow the same admission procedures as those wishing to join a Laurea Magistrale programme for the first time.

Please note that you cannot transfer to Laurea Magistrale programmes in the second semester.

We also suggest you consult the websites of each School to find out the rules established for each programme.