What the exam consists of and how to prepare

How the exam works

The Urban Planning entrance exam consists of a selection interview based on a letter and an essay prepared by the candidate.
Each candidate is assessed by a board of teaching staff.

The interview takes place remotely via specific video surveillance software.

The entrance exam for the Urban Planning course is based on three evaluation elements:

  1. a motivational letter: a one-page text (max. 3,000 characters, spaces included) which will have to briefly illustrate and discuss the candidate's choice for the Laurea programme in Urban Planning: Cities, Environment & Landscapes;
  2. an essay: a one-page text (max. 3,000 characters, spaces included) which, also needs to refer to the candidate's readings and personal experiences, comments on the relevance and reasons for their interest in the topics raised by the three words that make up the subtitle of the Laurea programme: cities, environment, landscapes;
  3. an interview: conducted by two interviewers and related to the two documents presented by the candidate. It will last approximately 15 minutes.

The documents described in points 1. and 2. must be uploaded to the exam registration application by 12:00 on the working day before the interview.

You will also have to upload to the Online Services > My Data section a scan of the identity document that you will bring to the exam. This should be done by 12:00 on the day before the interview.

Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail with the exam registration receipt attached and a guide on the interview process.

We advise you to download the programme Teams to your personal computer, tablet or smartphone as soon as possible. It is not necessary to create a personal account.
On the day of the exam, 15 minutes before the interview for which you registered starts, you will access the virtual classroom by logging into the Online Services > Urban Planning Remote Interview.
Applicants will then be called for interview in alphabetical order.

Instructions for completing the documents

The documents must be word-processed and printed, according to the following specifications:

Document format: A4
Top-Bottom-Right-Left margins: 3 cm.
Font: Times New Roman
Font size: 14
Line spacing: single
Alignment: fully justified

The document referred to in point 1. should contain the following on the first line: Motivation letter by Surname, Name, born on dd/mm/yy, Personal code.
The document referred to in point 2. should contain the following on the first line: Essay by: Surname, Name, born on dd/mm/yy, Personal code.


Proof of knowledge of the English language

In addition to sitting the entrance exam, Politecnico di Milano requires that enrolled students are proficient in the English language.

The entrance exam does not include an English part. Enrolled students must therefore demonstrate their knowledge of the English language by:

  • submitting to the Registrar's Office one of the English language certificates recognised by Politecnico di Milano;
  • sitting and passing the TENG (the university‚Äôs English test), in a specific OFA (additional learning requirements) session organised by the University, after the beginning of the academic year, towards the end of October;
  • taking a specific test at another organisation. These tests are only reserved for Politecnico students and do not issue any official certificates, but allow the OFA to be fulfilled.

How to prepare for the exam

It is useful for the candidate to be prepared to explain the aspects that most stimulate their interest in this field of study. It is useful to consider the keywords in the title of the Laurea programme (urban planning - cities - environment - landscapes), with a reflection on each of them, accompanied by some reading, with attention to the issues they evoke and raise.