Programme content and duration

The aim of the Unitech International programme is to integrate an engineering degree with international experience and a solid basis in business and management. The Unitech International programme begins with a one-week Start-Up course at the end of August, organised jointly for the Unitech students from all eight Universities. All Unitech students meet again for the Midterm week (first week in January) and for the End-of-Year event at the end of August. Apart from this common core, the programme content is individually tailored for each student as a combination of engineering courses and business and management studies.

The Unitech International programme uses the European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS) as measure of academic study units. In addition, each month of internship is worth 10 credits for the Unitech programme. The student must achieve a minimum of 90 credits during the Unitech International exchange period. At least 20 of these credits must be from academic studies at the host university abroad, where students spend a full semester. Another 30 credits must be from the internship. 30 variable credits can be gained either gaining more credits at the host institution or with a longer internship or both. The Unitech Joint Modules count as 10 credits. In addition, for a successful completion of the programme a minimum of 10 academic credits in business and management/ non technical courses is also required. These can be obtained at the home university before and after the year abroad or at Politecnico di Milano during the Unitech academic exchange.

The duration of the Unitech International Programme is one year, divided between academic work at one of the partner Universities and a minimum of 3 months internship in one of the partner companies.

Students usually spend the first semester of the academic year in the host institution. Any variation (second semester or a whole academic year) must be approved by the Unitech Central Office.