Special programmes

Politecnico di Milano offers a great number of special projects thanks to its participation in important international networks, that seek to promote cooperation in different fields:


If you are an engineering student, the Unitech programme can be very interesting as it allows you to deepen your technical-scientific knowledge by integrating the period of study abroad with an internship in a multinational company. The obtained ECTS are fully recognized. The program is coordinated by the Unitech International Society, of which technical universities and European companies are part.
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Alliance4Tech is a strategic alliance between 4 prestigious European technical universities (CentraleSupélec in Paris, Politecnico di Milano, TU-Berlin and University College London) with the aim of creating a real European Campus without borders. If you are a talented student, the programme offers you an innovative educational path, during which you can carry out your studies in at least three different countries. At the end of your studies, you will receive a degree from your home university, plus a Joint Program Certificate issued by the Alliance4Tech partners.

MEDes – Master of European Design

If you are enrolled in the second year of the Degree Course in Communication Design, Product Design and Interior Design, you have the opportunity to participate in the MEDes programme or Master of European Design. The programme foresees an exchange of the duration of two academic years, during the 3rd of Bachelor’s degree and the 1st year of Master's degree, in 2 different partner institutions among the 7 members of the Network. The selections are made based on your curriculum vitae, portfolio and level of knowledge of the languages of the European Union. The official language of the network is English.
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Athens week is a programme developed by a network of prestigious European universities that takes place twice a year - in March and November. It is open to students from all the Schools of Politecnico di Milano. Starting from the 3rd year of the Bachelor’s degree, you can apply to attend a technical-scientific or economic managerial course of your choice offered by one of the partner institutions. The weekly workshop is preceded by an intensive weekend that will allow you to dive in the cultural reality of the host country and to get to know group of students from all over Europe. A great way to integrate yourself and to broaden your educational horizon by experiencing, even if only for a short time, what it means to study abroad.
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Idea League

IDEA League is a strategic alliance between five European universities of primary importance in the technological and scientific fields, with the aim of strengthening the links between technology, science and society. The universities that are part of the network are: ETH - Zurich, TU - Delft, RWTH Aachen, Chalmers University and Politecnico di Milano. IDEA League promotes programmes and projects for students, PhD, researchers, professors and staff with the aim of further developing the skills and competences of all those who study and work at partner universities.
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Global Engineering Education Exchange (E3) is a consortium of 37 universities in the United States of America and 39 universities in the rest of the world, which provides an excellent study abroad experience for engineering students at universities members of the network.
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